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Who Offers Radon Testing in Collegeville or King of Prussia, PA & surrounding areas?

Rest Assured Inspections will check for this cancer-causing gas

There could be a silent killer in your home right now. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that is known to cause cancer in humans. Rest Assured Inspections offers radon testing so you'll know what the radon levels are in your home. Studies have shown a link between high levels of radon and lung cancer. If we find radon at dangerous levels inside your home, you can take steps to mitigate the problem. Call (610) 717-4249 today to schedule radon testing in Pottstown, Collegeville, King of Prussia PA and surrounding cities.

The testing process is simple and reliable

Not everyone who is exposed to radon will get cancer, but are you willing to put your family at risk? The testing process is simple:

  • We place a meter in your home to monitor the levels of radon
  • The device will take samples during a 48-hour period
  • You'll receive a report about what we find

Feel safer in your home by getting radon testing done by Rest Assured Inspections today.

The importance of radon testing

Radon is a dangerous gas that can be difficult to detect. You'll need an expert to test your home and make sure you and your family are safe. If you're living in Pottstown, Collegeville or King of Prussia, PA, Rest Assured Inspections can handle your radon testing. We use a 48-hour testing process to take a thorough sample of your home's interior and provide accurate results.

We take our testing process very seriously because radon can:

  • Cause shortness of breath
  • Sharply increase the risk of lung cancer
  • Lead to chest pain and hoarseness

With such serious potential side effects, it's important to make sure your King of Prussia home is radon-free. Keeping our community safe and healthy is one of our top priorities, so we take our time to test every home properly. Cutting corners isn't an option for our team.

Reach out to us today if you need radon testing services.